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Specification of Rubber fender

Rubber fender type V 500 HEmail: Sinergindoperkasa@yahoo.comFENDER TYPE V is the most common type of rubber fender and is often used on ports in ports around the world.These types of rubber fenders are often used at public docks in the world, its application is usually tailored to the types of vessels that often lean.And this type of fender is very suitable for docks with access to small and medium vessels.the V type fender is a simple and rugged marine fender system, providing reliable durability for a variety of berths even under the most severe conditions ..fender V DS is a product made from a choice of strong rubber material and can be installed properly on the face pad or connected to a steel panel.Fender V angle has three standard sizes and can function optimally, DS fender V is the right solution because it is easy to install and provides optimal function to prevent the pier angle from damage caused by collisions that often occur at the dock, especially by ships -small boatFeatureSimple with one-piece design
Very strong and hard
Excellent sliding performance
Available in various standard sizes
General cargo
Port workboat
Barges and tug berthswe also sell Other Rubber Products

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